Back in the fall when I travelled to Japan, I brought along one single skein of CashSilk Lace to knit something on the plane. Some kind of planes, trains and automobiles kind of knitting. Lace that was easy enough to remember and interesting enough to keep me knitting. After a few false starts and frogging fits, I ended up with this lace pattern from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns… the diagonal fern lace… and now it’s a cashmere and silk scarf.

I was addicted to seeing where the colours would fall. My scarf pooled a bit in some sections and not in other sections… but it was fascinating to keep knitting and seeing where the pooling might happen. Of course, you can bypass the drama by using a semi-solid or totally solid colour.

Since it’s super easy and super nice, I’ve done it up in a snazzy PDF plus handy lace chart for your enjoyment. Should you have a need for easy, but interesting lace…

Check out the CashSilk Fern pattern »