Our newest yarn base has arrived and we finally had a chance to select a name for it!

Thank you to everyone who took time to email me name suggestions! It took sorting through nearly 300 suggestions from readers and customers for us to finally pick the name. A long-time SweetGeorgia friend and student, Dana, suggested “Secret Crush” and it was the closest thing to describing the slightly crystallized look and feel of our new silk and superwash merino blend yarn. Kind of like crushed velvet in yarn form. Charming, rustic and wonderfully soft.

So far, it's available in all our semi-solid, delicately variegated colourways

So far, it’s available in all our semi-solid, delicately variegated colourways

Like all our yarns, I always recommend that people handwash and air dry their precious handknit pieces. But of course, the convenience factor plays a big part and for my own handknit socks, I’ll admit to throwing them in the washer… but the socks don’t do well in the dryer. That’s a big no-no for me, personally. So, if you want to knit socks out of this yarn, definitely, on 2.25 mm needles, I found it to make a beautiful, soft fabric. Delicate, yes. Not for hardwearing boot socks, no.

Better yet, I think this will make a wonderful baby gift yarn. It’s superwash so it’s easy-care, but then it’s got the 50% silk to make it so much more luxurious and gift-worthy. And if you love knitting small shawls or tiny cardigans, I think this new yarn will fit the mix very nicely.

It’s available now on our shop website as part of our dyed-to-order collection. You can also come visit us at FibresWest this coming weekend to see it in person! I’m knitting it up in the Traveling Woman’s Shawl, so you can definitely have a look and feel.

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