One of my favourite things to knit is multiple ends of yarns together to make a new marled yarn. Watch the shades and hues blend and blossom. Two ends, three ends, seven ends… you build and layer on the colours and textures in a way that helps break up shockingly vivid variegated yarns and subdue or enhance other colours. I like how the colours seem to migrate in and out of visibility.

Five by Five cowl pattern is free! Download now.

This cowl feels unbelievably wonderful. Soft, silky, fuzzy and cozy all at the same time. A little bit of cashmere for softness, silk for shine, and a dash of fine kid mohair for warmth and comfort. This is how I designed the cowl I wanted to wear. You might try two different sock yarns and a different lace yarn. More silk and shine, less fuzz. Or more wool and less silk. The possibilities are infinite.

I chose this colour combination after making swatches for the Knit Social retreat in June. We were looking at different techniques for working with variegated yarns and I suggested one of my favourite methods: knitting two (or more) together at a time. I chose the Autumn Flame and Pomegranate colours because they were two different warm reds, but blended together, they took on a whole new, deeper quality. I loved the swatch so much, I knew I had to make something larger.


I realize that US 10¾ (7 mm) is an unusual size and possibly difficult to source. Typically, needle sizes are either US 10½ (6.5 mm) or US 11 (8 mm). The gauge on this cowl is not crucial to fit, so feel free to try different gauges to work with your yarns.

Can’t wait to see your colour and yarn combinations! You can download the pattern now from Ravelry.