Ever since our wedding in July 2011, I’ve been looking for a way to work with Jeff and Cat, our photographers, again. They took beautiful shots at our wedding and we loved their easy-going personalities and their warm, inviting aesthetic. I was delighted and inspired when I heard that Jeff and Cat were collaborating with designers and filmmakers to build a new business for themselves, called The Apartment Creative.

In May 2012, we sat down with Jeff and Cat to start brainstorming about how we could collaborate with The Apartment. Out of these conversations came the realization that we needed a refreshed design for our website, as well as to bring my ailing eight-year old blog into the fold and combine the two into one. With 535 blog posts and nearly 14,000 comments, my blog had become this monster that was chewing up half-written thoughts and spitting out broken links. Something had to be done.

Motivated by the indefatigable duo and their new friends, we decided to re-design the website AND produce a short video about SweetGeorgia. It’s like a mini-documentary about how and why we make hand-dyed yarns. You can find the video on YouTube and Vimeo now. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the filming of that video:

We prepared for the filming during July, had a pre-production meeting with the videographer, Steve Tan, in August, filmed at our studio in September, and the film editing took place through October. Anna Sobieniak, graphic designer for The Apartment, created some fresh and clean ideas for our website, and based on her design ideas, I rebuilt the entire website and blog in November and December, bringing us to today, Launch Day!

On the morning of the shoot, the team arrived at exactly 8 am, unloading cases upon cases of camera and lighting gear. Cat, the producer, is unbelievably organized and always on the ball. She prepared the production schedule with a timeline and complete shot lists and everyone followed it perfectly. It took us three hours to set up and film just the interview portion of the video (where I’m sitting in front of the pink wall). Chris handled the expensive sound equipment and kept everyone laughing. Jeff, the director, and Steve worked together to determine the best angle to shoot at, arranged the huge softbox lights, and set up the fancy “dead cat” microphone above my head. Every so often, Jeff would exclaim, “Great Felicia! Now do it again, with more energy!”

They spent the afternoon taking still photographs and motion shots of the studio and our yarns in progress. They filmed David, Teresa and myself at work, dyeing and packaging yarns. And the day ended around 4 or 5 pm… so all in all, it was about 8 hours of set up and filming to get a tiny 4-minute video! And that’s not even including editing time!

The Apartment Creative plus me

The production team couldn’t have done it without you guys! — with Chris Aitken, Jeff Chang, Felicia Lo, Cat McDowell, Steve Tan and The Apartment Photography.

I thank Jeff Chang, Cat McDowell, Steve Tan, Chris Aitken, Anna Sobieniak, and The Apartment Creative for all their amazing effort and vision in putting this video together for us! I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to work with these talented people.