Waterfall (July 2013) on Panda spinning fibre

Waterfall (July 2013) on Panda spinning fibre

Each month, we dye a brand new, unique colourway for our Spinning Fibre and Sock Yarn Clubs. We’re shipping out the August packages today, so it’s a good time to let you know what we did for July:

the colourway //

Feeling the heat wave? It’s been unbearably hot in Vancouver. Inside the dye studio, we’re all experiencing the sweltering heat combined with the hot ovens we use for dyeing (that, and the upstairs office is like a greenhouse). All I could think of this week was standing in the refreshingly cold stream of a Waterfall. Two summers ago, my husband and I hiked the Kalalau trail in Kauai to visit the waterfalls at Hanakapi`ai Valley. It was the ultimate refuge from the heat!

the yarn //

Tough Love Sock is our most popular and best-selling sock yarn. Spun from 80% superwash and supersoft fine merino and 20% nylon into a 3-ply yarn, this yarn is so versatile — knit it firmly for hard wearing socks, knit it loosely for drapey shawls, or knit it doubled for a great worsted weight substitute.
Even though it is machine-washable, we recommend never machine-drying. Handknits will hold up best if you hand wash and lay flat to dry.

knitting thoughts //

These skeins are moderately variegated, with blues, pale greens, light purples and a touch of stone grey. To mix up the colours even more, I’d consider holding the yarn double to make something meant for worsted weight. I’m doing this very thing for a Puerperium cardi now!

the fibre //

Panda is a divinely fluffy and silky blend of Superwash Merino 60%, Bamboo 30%, and Nylon 10%. The combination of soft washable merino, strength-building nylon and breatheable bamboo makes for an ideal sock yarn blend. The bamboo fibre results in gorgeous streaks. While this fibre is generally machine washable, avoid putting it in the dryer!

spinning thoughts //

This colourway is moderately variegated, with blues, pale greens, light purples and a touch of stone grey. I’m currently obsessed with ombré everything, so I’m thinking I would love to take this fibre and separate it into it’s different colours. I’d then spin each in succession and Navajo-ply the yarn to keep all the colours separate. Panda is great for handspun socks, if spun firmly enough, or it could be soft and slinky as a shawl yarn. An ombré shawl in these waterfall colours could be beautiful!

Stay tuned for future updates of our club colourways. I’m hoping we’ll post these on a monthly basis after the threat of spoilers has past! You can see many of our previous Club colourways here »