I love the lines created by the lace motif which soften where they cross, and the wonderful drape with this yarn!

Inspired by the stunning beauty of the Pink Beach of Budelli, off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, this lacey, reversible stole enchants from start to finish. Knit up in Bulletproof sock, Madeleine Windsor’s shawl is perfect for a sweet spring evening. Savor the delicate filigree lace stitches as if they were gentle waves on the pink sand.

Madeleine’s Top Tip

Once you have the pattern memorized, which is fast as you get in the rhythm, then you can keep track of when you need to cable by counting yarn over holes, rather than rows. Once there are 7 yarn over holes on the left side of the elongated lace motif, it is time to work the C4F at that motif, that is every other motif across that row.

Behind the Brilliance: Madeleine’s Spring Things
  1. What is your favourite colour in the SweetGeorgia colour lineup? Seaspray
  2. What is your favourite guilty pleasure? Coffee, chocolate and a fire – with knitting of course!
  3. What is your favorite spring flower? Aquilegia
  4. What is your favorite spring accessory? My Vallombrosa cowl
  5. What is your favorite beverage? I love elderflower cordial in sparkling water.
Colour Options to Try

Hydrangeas are in bloom all over, inspiring this palette of colour ideas for your own Budelli.

Budelli is available as an individual pattern or in the Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2 eBook both on our website and on Ravelry. Learn more about Madeleine’s other projects at: madeleinewindsor.wix.com/kingfisherknits

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