My two girls finished their last days of 4th and 6th grade the other day — pause here to gush over how much they have grown up!!!

— ok, back to professional land —

and the very first thing I had to do was sit down and figure out everything that was on the summer agenda. And of course, how to balance working from home with two kids out of school, softball tryouts, summer camps, trip to TX and CO, business trip to TNNA, my mom moving from TX to 41-seconds away down the road (this is the most exciting thing EVER), and all of this in only two months before school starts back up again. It’s enough to boggle the mind, but with a flexible daily schedule worked out, everyone should end the day pretty happy.

Tip Number One: Grab a monthly calendar and lay it all out there first. That gives you a bird’s eye view and enables you to work around busy dates much easier.

Tip Number Two: Remember what we talked about a couple of months ago? Regardless of what the planner says, stay flexible and end the day happy doing what you love.

Speaking of ending the day happy … my fingers have been knitting a rainbow of colours. Literally!

I put our new Prismatic Mini-Mini set to the test with a soon-to-be-released baby blanket that’ll make even the most neutral-loving-person swoon.

Also in the rainbow of colours topic, I’ve joined in on Joji’s Starting Point Mystery Knitalong and it has been SUCH a hoot not knowing what is coming next. The Point Grey colour set was a perfect pick for me, but the SweetGeorgia team also created a couple of other gorgeous sets that are equally stunning.

Summer always seems to fly by in a crazy whirlwind of “squeezing it all in” before school starts back up again. My biggest tip for you, dearest friends? Take it slow, savor the sunshine, and knit away on what makes you happy.

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