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Introducing the School of SweetGeorgia

School of SweetGeorgia

It’s been nearly five months since I announced the start of this new adventure for myself and SweetGeorgia. And now, I’m excited to finally be able to share with you the beginnings of the School of SweetGeorgia.

If you aren’t familiar with our original idea behind the school, you can read all about the origin story here, but ultimately, the School of SweetGeorgia (or SOS, as I sometimes call it) is an online space where we deliver video-based fibre arts education for colour-obsessed crafters. It’s all about colour. It’s about the theory of colour, the creation of hand-dyed colour, and how we work with handcrafted colour in our knitting, spinning, weaving, and more. And we are just getting started.

Our first offerings include a free workshop on the basics of colour theory, called Colour Play:

Colour Play

Colour Play is a mini-workshop that will walk you through the basics of working with colour and help you feel more confident about creating your own palettes and colour combinations for your projects. Colour Play is just a taster for how we do things at the School of SweetGeorgia, and if you enjoy the format, the exercises, the workbook, and the videos, you might like our latest full-length course on dyeing your own yarns and spinning fibres.

Dyeing Intentional Colour

Dyeing Intentional Colour is a comprehensive course on the essentials of precision immersion dyeing with acid dyes. It includes 8 modules of content, 2 hours of video footage split up into 33 video lessons, as well as a 16-page downloadable workbook.

Craft in Community

It’s so much more fun and encouraging when we make things together. To encourage this community, we’re doing a couple of things… In addition to the content, we’ve also created a Facebook group and Slack community for the school to help support students with questions and provide encouragement.

As well, with the intention of providing more community and support, I’m starting to offer monthly LIVE “office hours” for students of the course (we’ll do this for the first couple months and see how this goes!). On the 4th Friday of each month, I’ll collect questions and we can talk about them together. That way you get access to your instructor directly, rather than doing everything through email or chat. We can use that time to share wins, do show & tell, and troubleshoot with each other too.

I’m super excited about getting these first two courses off the ground and looking forward to making more content for you in the coming months!

If you’d like to join us in Dyeing Intentional Colour, you can get 25% off the full course price from now until October 31, 2017. Just use the coupon code “SOSLAUNCH” when you check out!


Vlog on Patreon

Finally, I make these vlog updates for our Patreon community to keep everyone in the loop about what’s happening and what progress is being made on the school. This week, since it’s a special launch week, I thought I’d share the update video with everyone. If you like what we’re doing here and you’d like to see me and SweetGeorgia produce more video-based craft content, I’d love to see you join our Patreon community here.

Thank you so much for everyone’s enthusiasm for this project! I’m so excited for us to begin!!

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