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The Final Cut // see the colours in our core collection

We finally did it. We had the colour review meeting with our team at SweetGeorgia and decided upon a core palette of colourways to move towards in the coming months! It was a tricky process and everybody came to defend their favourite colours as we did the cut… but here’s the result.

Download the Core Collection PDF to see all the colours! »

Now, rest assured, nothing has changed yet. The online shop is still exactly the same and you can still order any colour you like on there right now. And yarn shops can continue to order all the colours that we have available. But in the months moving forward, we’ll gradually be changing the website to feature these 85 colours. And in the future, those “retired” colourways will still continue to be available for special order in full dye lot quantities.

We made sure that the core colour collection would have all the hues well-represented and that there would be light and dark shades, vivid and muted tones as well. We wanted to make sure there would be colours that would all work together in harmony, whether it was in a run of graduated colours or in different families of blues, like purple blues vs green blues. We stripped out a lot of duplication with colourways that were very similar to each other, since those hues often caused anxiety when knitters were choosing colours… Linen or Birch? Hmm. Whitewater or Dreamboat?

We hope this will help improve your shopping and project planning process!

I’ll be posting a little vlog on YouTube this Friday about our Colour Cull meeting, but in the meantime, please check out our latest episode of Taking Back Friday. I vlogged about our trip to the TNNA yarn tradeshow and ask questions about the future of yarn shops. We’re even doing a little prize giveaway! Come see us there!

Wishing you a colourful Valentine’s Day, full of love,

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