In the past couple of years of making mini-skeins for our Party of Fives, we’ve really enjoyed the process of putting together little colour palettes here and there… but then recently we discovered that the entire colour wheel was represented in the mini-skeins we were already making. SO, we decided to try making “mini-mini” skeins and putting together this colour wheel set! We’re calling them Prismatic Mini-Mini Yarn Sets and this first palette is called “Essential Colour”.

Prismatic “Essential Colour” Mini-Mini Yarn Set: This set contains 12 colours of Tough Love Sock, each approximately 50-52 yards for a total of at least 600 yards

This set contains 12 colours of Tough Love Sock: Cherry, Cayenne, Pumpkin, Dutch, Saffron, Pistachio, Basil, Beach House, Sapphire, Empress, Grape Jelly and Raspberry.

What can you make with a mini-mini skein? Well, each mini-mini is about 50 yards of Tough Love Sock and so the entire set is approximately 600 yards of fingering weight yarn. That is plenty if you wanted knit a rainbow-inspired shawl or rainbow striped socks. Or, mix it together with another skein of fingering weight to make an even bigger project. Or consider breaking up the set and using the mini-minis as trim or accents to other small projects. Or knit them up into hexipuffs or blanket squares… there are so many possibilities. Or just play with the colours and combine them to make your own palettes.

This mini-mini yarn set is a bit of an experiment for us, so let us know if you like them!

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