Dyeing to Spin & Knit

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create your own color

Inspire, ignite, and unleash an unapologetic passion for handcrafted color with clear, comprehensive guidance on how to create and work with hand-dyed knitting yarns and spinning fibers

Learning about working with colour through the colour wheel

If you are at all curious to try your hand at creating color, I encourage you to step into my dye studio through these pages and find ways to experiment and discover the joys of working with color in yarn and fiber. I invite you to build confidence in your ability to work with color through knowledge and experience so that you might enjoy color to the fullest!

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  • Step-by-Step

    Dyeing your own yarn and fiber seems intimidating at first, but this book leads you step-by-step through the process of preparing your yarns and fibers for color.

  • Immersion dyeing is one way to create colour on yarn

    Dye Techniques

    At the heart, this book is about created handcrafted color through a great range of dye application techniques. From solid immersion dyeing to handpainting, you can create exactly the color you crave.

  • Handpainted Yarn

    For over a decade, Felicia has been working with handpainted and hand-dyed color on yarn. See how dyeing yarn is different from dyeing sock blanks and spinning fiber!

  • An amazing 800 yards of handspun laceweight yarn in Polwarth+Silk (Canary Island), spun by Vanessa Neuman

    Ombré Everything

    Working with mesmerizing, smooth transitions of hue is one way to enjoy color! In this book, we look at creating gradients through immersion dyeing, handpainting, and spinning your own.

chapter 1 About Color

This first chapter is designed to build your confidence in working with color. It includes everything from a basic understanding of what color is, how it works, and how it combines with other colors, to how color affects everything from our appetites to our decision-making processes.

chapter 2 Creating Color

Rich or vibrant. Subtle or intense. Completely and absolutely unique. Colors are a marvelously magical way to communicate through your craft. Dyeing your own yarn, fiber, or fabrics gives you ultimate control over your finished product and your craft. There are as many ways to dye as there are personalities in this world, and you can make your own dyeing process as complex and scientific or easy and intuitive as you choose.

chapter 3 Spinning Color

For many, the sheer beauty of handpainted top causes creative paralysis. There is a fear that the colors will all mix together and look muddy or that the colors, once so attractive, will actually end up too bright, gaudy, or even clownish in the final yarn. With spinning, all these color issues are under your control. You can make your handspun produce stripes, blotches, and spots; you can make heathered yarn or create very gentle, smooth transitions from color to color.

chapter 4 Knitting Color

“How will it knit up?” is the question that I’m most often asked about multicolored or variegated hand-dyed yarns. And the short answer is “It depends.” What a variegated yarn will look like when knit up depends on a great number of factors, from the size or thickness of the yarn to the length of each color section within the yarn to the circumference or width of your knitting project. In this chapter we learn about how color principles are at play with multicolored yarns.

knitting designs

This book includes 10 patterns that use hand-dyed and handspun yarns and fibers to their most exciting advantage in knitting projects

reviews & praise

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  • Jillian Moreno

    Editor of Knittyspin & Author of Yarnitecture

    "All. The. Color. Want to dye color? Check. Want to spin color? Check. Want to knit color? Check. If you are a fan of dyeing, spinning or knitting and have even the slightest interest or hesitation about color, you need this book. Felicia Lo has been dyeing expertly and vibrantly for her company Sweet Georgia Yarns since 2005, so she knows a thing or two about how to make, combine and manipulate color... This book will change how you think about and use color."

  • Jonathan Berner

    Founder & Dyer, MJ Yarns

    "Felicia has a reputation for being meticulous in her dye process. Her attention to detail caries over in her writing. This book is, start to finish, a joyful yet analytic exploration of the dye studio... Concepts are depicted in stunning graphics and pictures of yarn that turn color theory in to visual reality.... Felicia offers a level of detailed instruction that is virtually unprecedented... As someone who dyes yarn for a living, I can offer you this book with full confidence. It has everything you need to understand dyeing yarn. Weather you are a casual home dyer or a seasoned professional, Dyeing to Spin & Knit is indispensable."

  • Rachel Smith aka welfordpurls

    Host of the Wool n' Spinning Podcast

    Rachel talks about Dyeing to Spin & Knit on an episode of "Wool n' Spinning". See it here »

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