The correct wording should be “to last 2 sts, YO, k2.” and these are the rows impacted:

Day One – Set-up Row 2, Garter Ridge Patt Row 1.
Day Two – Lace Ridge Patt Row 3.
Day Three – Row 2 and Row 4.
Day Four – Row 2.
Day Six – Row 2.
Day Seven – Row 4.
Day Eight – Row 1.
Day Nine – Row 1.
Day Eleven – Row 1.
Day Twelve – Row 4.
Day Thirteen – Row 1.
Day Fourteen – Row 1.
Day Sixteen – Row 1.
Day Seventeen – Row 1.
Day Twenty-Two – Row 2.
Day Twenty-Three – Row 2.

Row 3 of Day 9: There’s a missing K1 before and after the center stitch. It should read: K2, yo, k1, yo, k2tog; rep from to 1 st before m, k1, yo, sm, k1, sm, yo, k1, ssk, yo; rep from to last 3 sts, k1, yo, k2. 4 sts inc’d.


We appreciate the interest in understanding the pricing of our knitwear patterns.

The pricing of patterns is a decidedly complex process, one that has to balance the cost and benefit for, not only our business and consumers, but the contractors and employees who make it happen. Everything from the designer we contract with to the technical editors, pattern support staff, website and layout team, photographer, knitters, yarn, styling and make-up, and models (just to name a few) takes a significant amount of investment and hours upon hours of time. We deeply consider the impact on our customers, but must also ensure a livable wage for everyone involved.

We sincerely hope you experience knitting one of our patterns soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the beauty that knitting brings and know that we are here if you have any more questions or concerns.

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