Episode 042: Designing and creating wearable, accessible, and beautiful garments with Melanie Berg

Join our conversation with knitwear designer, Melanie Berg, about creating garments and shawls that are interesting, accessible, enjoyable to knit, and easy to wear.

“I want to create the things that I want to wear myself… knitting an item takes time, a lot of time, and so you want to honor this garment by wearing it… So you should really feel good in it… ” — Melanie Berg

Melanie Berg, who publishes under the pseudonym Mairlynd, is a knitwear designer living in Bonn, Germany with her husband and three kids. She talks to us about how she started knitting and designing all while her three kids were growing up. Melanie talks about how she initially knit for her babies and then knitting became her solace, her evening meditation after the kids went to sleep. And how today, the designs she creates all have this spirit of quiet meditation but also a balance of interesting textures and forms.

Where to find Melanie Berg:

Melanie has generously provided a discount code for our listeners for all of Melanie’s self-published patterns! Please listen to the episode to get the Ravelry discount code for 10% off her patterns until the end of February 2017.

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