Episode 039: Gift of Time

I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to some of our episodes this past fall. I chatted with Ysolda last week and Caitlin Ffrench the week before, and Jillian Moreno before that… and I just found it fascinating and telling that one of the greatest challenges for all of us, whether we have kids or no kids, is the challenge of having enough time. Sometimes, it feels like the greatest opponent to creativity is having enough time. Today’s episode is a little wind up for 2016 and it will just be me today, talking about time.

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Podcast on Holidays

This is the last episode of 2016! I wish you all a lazy, restful holiday season. I hope you get a chance to give yourself the gift of time. And I hope you come back feeling renewed and refreshed in January! I’m going to take my own advice and take next week off, so join me again in January when we start back with more conversations with your favourite makers and creative types on this show.

Until next time, enjoy your holidays and enjoy colour!

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