Episode 059: Starting a Weaving Movement with Maryanne Moodie

This week Felicia chats with Maryanne Moodie: a weaver, creative artist, and instructor. Maryanne is a fibre-obsessed maker working between Melbourne and New York. She divides her time between designing woven wall hangings, developing weaving kits, and teaching sold out workshops around the world. She has published a book On the Loom: A Modern Weaver’s Guide as well as two online weaving courses. Her designs are lush, tactile, and gorgeous and have been featured in New York Magazine, Anthology, O Magazine,and Design*Sponge.

In this episode Felicia and Maryanne discuss balancing life and art and how our craft can aid us in expressing our emotions in a healthy outlet. Please join us for this week’s conversation!

On reactions to her weavings:  “You may not know the artist’s life, but sometimes you’re just drawn to a piece. And even though… you don’t know what they were going through or what story they are trying to tell you, if they can create an emotional connection between themselves and you… then that’s art.” — Maryanne Moodie

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 2:10 Maryanne chats about splitting her time between her studios in Brooklyn, New York and Melbourne, Australia
  • 3:22 An introduction to Maryanne’s style of frame loom weaving
  • 6:56 How Maryanne found her way to weaving and the weaving community online
  • 13:10 Discussing how Instagram has brought the weaving community together to share works and resources
  • 15:25 Felicia and Maryanne discuss motherhood, identity, and using crafting to cope with life’s daily demands
  • 23:47 Maryanne talks about developing her online weaving classes
  • 30:35 Chatting about Maryanne’s weaving process and how the craft helps her experience emotions fully
  • 38:40 How to balance family life, business, and make the most of the limited time you have to dedicate to your craft
  • 40:15 How various emotions are represented in different aspects of Maryanne’s weaving
  • 42:43 The ladies discuss how sometimes “just pretty” art doesn’t draw people in and the freedom of “weaving weird”
  • 46:30 Maryanne chats about the future of weaving
  • 51:28 Tips for the beginning weaver
  • 56:10 Felicia’s final notes and podcast giveaway

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Thank you again to Maryanne for joining us on the show!

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