Episode 51: Erica Jones of Weavolution on Weaving Community

As you know, I fell down the slippery slope of fibre arts many years ago when knitting inspired me to learn to spin, which then inspired me to learn to dye, which then caused me to create so much yarn that I was encouraged to learn how to weave. And this past year, the weaving bug has hit me hard and I simply want to weave everything. Like many of you, I create in my mind faster than I can create in real-life and I feel like a lot of the weaving I do is in my head, thinking of ideas of yarns to combine, colours to mix. For knitters looking for project inspiration and community, we can turn to Ravelry. But where do weavers go, if they want to connect with other weavers?

Today’s guest, Erica Jones, runs Weavolution.com together with her husband, Oliver. Weavolution is an online international handweaving community that spans over a 100 different interest groups from rigid heddle to backstrap weaving to tapestry weaving. There are groups for people who own Glimakra looms vs people who own Schacht looms or Kromski looms. Whatever your weaving interest, there is a deep level of conversation happening on Weavolution.com.

2/1 Diamond Twill Hood Weaving

2/1 Diamond Twill Hood

Purse Weaving


Felicia talks with Erica about how she got started in the fibre arts and how her weaving is informed by her activity in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 2:30 Erica’s start in fibre arts
5:45 What is the Society for Creative Anachronism
8:45 How the SCA informs her weaving
  • 12:45 What is Weavolution
  • 18:30 Different weaving subcultures
  • 20:30 Online classes on Weavolution
  • 25:00 Erica’s vision for the future of Weavolution

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Erica:

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Thank you so much to Erica for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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  • Debbie Lyon Fister

    I fell down the slippery slope pretty much in the same order you did. I started serious weaving about a year ago and now I have 3 looms: 4 shaft floor loom wide enough to make rugs; 8 shaft table loom, tapestry loom. I dream about weaving. I love dyeing ikat warps. I am not in love with warping, threading, or sleying the reed. Color is my focus, particularly hand dyed warps.