Fall with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2

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It’s hard to say goodbye to the carefree days of warmth and sunshine, to let go of the long days, abundant bright colours, and summer breezes. And yet … and yet … I find myself leaning into the incoming autumn. As the night spreads it’s darkening edges further into the day and my movements become more silent in the moments of introspection, I begin to savor the shifts. Those bright colours transcend into richer, bolder hues as the leaves fall to earth, blanketing it in preparation for the soon-to-come winter. We begin to crave the heartier foods the season brings, like soups and stews, pumpkin and apples, sweet and nourishing.

It’s a time for release, going deeper into the dreams and ideals so that we can prepare for change. It is the release of old ways, thoughts, and beliefs that hinder our growth and suddenly, so suddenly, amidst the golden tones of autumn, we become aware. Like the green plant that sinks back into the damp earth, not to become stagnant, but to renew, rejuvenate, and become more alive. Imagine that same creative process, that same spark of discovery and awareness as you lift your needles to begin your fall knitting. The pieces and yarns in this collection evoke those same sensations, allowing us to go deeper. Whether seeking luxurious stitches, rich details, or creative innovation, the garments and accessories we present are like a meditation on the joys, the colours, the moments of fall.

Patterns included: Amara, a cabled cardigan; Edale, an asymmetrical shawl; Boundless, a textured hat and cowl set; Adamello, a two-brioche stitch scarf; Dapple, a lace rib hat; Galatea, a buttoned cardigan; Shelburne, an open, two-colour cardigan; Penna, a textured triangular shawl; Mietta, a two-colour cowl; Vignette, a two-colour fingerless mitts; Ondicelle, a lace stole; and Runlet, a stripped pullover.


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