Holidays with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 3

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As the cold months approach at the end of the year, it isn’t so much the holidays I think of, but rather the craving for simplicity that the season invokes. My heart yearns to lean into those quiet moments between the busy ones, snagging those sweet chances for easy knitting and soft stillness.

More and more, I find myself knitting late into the evenings, losing myself in the meditative lull of my knitting needles. Those rhythmic clicks remind me to slow down, re-discovering peace and unity as I craft for my family and friends. Restoring the inner wellspring of contentment with cozy patterns. With loving community. With creative outlets. Knitting lets us dig deep into the very essence of the season: giving, unity, peace, and goodwill to all.

The beautiful accessories in our special holiday collection are utterly soft, sweetly gratifying, and perfect for gift-giving. Modeled by some of the women from our SweetGeorgia team and designed by a few of our favourite designers, these easy shawls, warm cowls, and cozy hats invite you into effortless texture, gorgeous stitches, and decadent comfort from cast-on to gift wrapped.

May the spirit of the season, and all the knitting it contains, bring you peace, comfort, and utterly simple joy.

Patterns included: Attu, a sideways asymmetrical shawl; Corduroy Road, a twisted rib toque and scarf set; Maggia, a triangular shawl; Linth, a chunky lace cowl; Aare, a lace-paneled toque; and Tiding, an asymmetrical shawl.


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