Spring with SweetGeorgia Vol. 1

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Soft blooms quietly pushing up through the deep, damp earth into the sun… tiny buds, lined with gentle green, tease from the tree limbs… the advent of spring seems to sneak in, ever so subtle, into sunnier, warmer days. And then suddenly, it is no longer a cold, bleak winter, but a season wrought with renewal, excitement, and change.

Something about that notion of growth is so beautiful that it can be hard to contain the joy. And after a snow-dumping winter, I am eagerly soaking up the sun’s rays. Have you noticed how our knitting shifts with the transitions, too? Almost without forethought, we lean towards fabrics that are lightweight, bright, and utterly relaxed.

I think the designs in this collection capture that feeling. Colourful and graceful, yet at the same time, playful and interesting. The stitch patterns encourage exploration and delight, while retaining a deeply comfortable nature. Our knitting nature ebbs and flows with the seasons and the stunning pieces found in these pages will help you heed that warm call.

Patterns included: Burke, a three-colour sleeveless tank; Lagom, a striped asymmetrical shawl; Ceylon, a two-colour slipped stitch cowl; Elysian, a parallelogram stole; Wylene, a two-colour pullover; Alisma, a lace-paneled tee; Finsbury, a leaf lace infinity scarf; Taevas, a crescent-shaped shawl; Prismatic, a pair of lace top-down socks; and Sonder, a lace and cable cardigan.


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