Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2

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It is still early yet, but where I live, the bright pop of dandelions against the cool, green grass marks the advent of spring. Buds are peeping out from their resting place, eager to greet the warming sun and the air has taken on a new perfume of growth and tilled dirt. The effect is mesmerizing, invigorating, and exciting after a cold winter. I am so ready for a softer, lighter palette of tones and fabric!

The designs in SweetGeorgia’s new collection capture everything that is casual, playful, and eclectic about the spring season. From chic, feminine silhouettes to breathtaking colour in gorgeous textures, these pieces promise ease and lightness for every knitter. Lovers of either accessories or garments will delight in the subtle stitch work that enhances the rich hues SweetGeorgia is known for, allowing those small details to become personal and wholly breathtaking.

Patterns included: Sea Thistle, a dropped-stitch tunic; Unfurling Leaves, a pair of lace socks; Wild Seeds, a textured caplet; Angi, a crescent-shaped shawl; Cottage Red, a triangular shawl; Ribbons, a cardigan; Sugar Craving, a pair of textured socks; Talinum, a lace cowl; Budelli, a lace stole; and Tea Leaves, a lace-topped tee.


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