Today we are talking about blocking the Reiland Shawl. It’s an easy shawl to block if you take just a bit of care in blocking. For the Reiland Shawl I worked with wires and pins.

Step One

First you soak your shawl

You wove in all your ends right? You don’t want anything unraveling on you. That’s a knitter’s nightmare! When you soak a shawl use warm water and a wool wash if desired. Make sure to soak for at least 30 minutes to insure all the fibers are thoroughly saturated. Then gently wring out all the excess liquid and let’s get to work.

Step Two

Establish your corners

To start with you need to establish your corners. As you are pinning the corners, make sure the edges line up straight. This shawl pinned out for me to 52” across the top and 26” deep. You might be able to stretch it further. Just make sure that when you establish the corners you leave some give for pulling out all the other points.

Blocking Tutorial

Step Three

Weave in your blocking wires

Then you weave the wires through all the points on the lace edging of the shawl. You might have to use more than one wire for each straight edge, depending on the length of your wires.

Blocking Tutorial

Step Four

Make the rounded rectangle shape

Next you use pins to make the wires lay out straight to the rounded rectangle shape we desire. You might have to use multiple pins along the edges to hold the wires in place. Don’t be afraid to really stretch the lace – it will look more beautiful that way!

Reiland Blocking

Eventually you will have something evenly pinned out like this. I like to step back from work and see where I’ve made things uneven so I can smooth things out and repin.

Step Five

Then leave your work alone!!!

Make sure your shawl is completely dry before you unpin it. And I do mean completely dry. If you unpin your shawl while it’s still damp you will have wasted all your blocking time. And finally wear your masterpiece with pride!

Reiland Shawl