You’ll find the results of the Elastic Bind Off to be springy, with just a hint of texture that works beautifully with your favorite lace shawl pattern. Before getting started, let’s compare it to the Traditional Bind Off …

In image below, the top swatch is finished with the Traditional Bind Off, while the bottom is the Elastic Bind Off. Pretty big difference! Each swatch was worked with the same needles, same number of stitches, and same number of rows. I stretched each as far as I could, just for demonstration purposes.
Lace BO5

This following image shows a close-up of the slight variation in appearance, with the Traditional being the bottom swatch and the Elastic placed on top of the Traditional.

Knitting Tutorial: Elastic Bind Off.

Ready to give this one a try?


Step One

Work the first 2 stitches

Work the first two stitches as normal. In this example, I’m knitting them.
Knitting Tutorial: Elastic Bind Off.

Step Two

Insert left-hand needle

Insert your left-hand needle into the front of the two stitches you just worked.

Knitting Tutorial: Elastic Bind Off.

Step Three

Work through the back loop

Wrap the yarn around the right-hand needle and pull through the two stitches, decreasing one stitch. You’ve worked the two stitches together through the back loop.

Lace BO3 Lace BO4

Step Four

Work 1 more stitch

Work the next stitch as normal. You’ll have two stitches on the right-hand needle again.
Knitting Tutorial: Elastic Bind Off.

Step Five


Repeat Steps 2 – 4 until you have one stitch remaining. Simply cut the yarn and pull through that last loop, just as you would with the Traditional Bind Off.