There is one thing to remember: 6 rows is the limit. If the stitch has dropped below 6 rows, it is better to go ahead and rip back. The reason why is that the space between the stitches becomes too stretched out and even blocking can’t conceal the sloppy look.

Step One

Stop the Slip

This is completely optional, but start by inserting a locking stitch marker into the stitch to help prevent it from slipping further. Work in pattern to where the dropped stitch hangs. While there, notice how many strands cross behind the stitch. Each strand represents one row. In this example, the stitch slipped down three rows.
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_01

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_02

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_03

Step Two


Place the stitch on the left-hand needle, making sure that it sits correctly (the front “leg” reaches further forward than the back “leg”).
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_04

Step Three

Lift the Strand

Starting with the lowest strand, insert the left-hand needle under it and lift it up.
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_05

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_06

Step Four

Up and Over

Using the right-hand needle, lift the dropped stitch up and over the strand, right off the needle.
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_07

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_08

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_09

Step Five

Repeat, As Needed

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until all the strands are gone. The stitch now sits unworked on the left-hand needle, safe and sound.
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_10

Step Six

If It Is a Purl Stitch

To save a dropped purl stitch, you’ll first turn your work to the wrong side (WS) and repeat the same process. When the stitch is back to its secure position, turn the work back to the right side (RS) and slip the unworked stitch back to the left-hand needle.
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_11

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_13

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_14

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_15

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_16

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_17

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_18

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_19

Dropped Stitch Tutorial_20

Step Seven

Continue Knitting

When all is said and done, you’ll barely be able to tell that you’ve dropped a stitch. After blocking, it’ll be like it never happened.
Dropped Stitch Tutorial_21