I am brand new.

… and SO humbled by your responses. I am beside myself with appreciation that so many of you took time to write me your thoughts. Thank you so much for YOUR passion and interest.

It’s a lucky coincidence that most everyone is in agreement on most everything! So, the direction looks pretty clear to me, but I’ll still be taking some time to digest and plan it all out. In the meantime, instead of some new 2008 resolutions, I’ve made myself some 2008 rules/principles/ideals to live by:

1. I am not a machine.
2. I cannot be everything to everyone.
3. I will not compromise on the things I believe in.

All of this needs to happen slowly… oh so slowly… so that it doesn’t all collapse on itself. The very, very last thing I want to do is to disappoint any of you but unfortunately we are not yet at the production capacity of a decades old dye company. So, we will grow slowly and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy the diverse, unique, nuanced and intensely colourful joy that can only happen with a smaller, artisan dye studio. What this means is that _for now_ we won’t be able to supply wholesale accounts… but this is something we will revisit _continually_. Because what is more wonderful than getting beautiful, squooshy yarn into your hands?

Hemp/Cotton in natural dyes

It still amazes me every day that we can get colour like this… delicate, honey gold, butter yellow, corn maize yellow, ochres, deep sea greens… from a couple natural dyes and overdyes. It seems so impossible and just so amazing.

My desk this morning.

I am brand new. And pretty darn blessed.

Happy new year to everyone and hope you have a wonderful start to 2008! Of course, you want to know who won the little contest, and that would be Pat J from Ontario. Thank you so much.


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