New Colourways for Spring

I don’t know when time started to speed up, but the past couple months, I’ve just been finding it slipping through my fingers. During March, I spent a huge portion of my studio time working on dyeing for FibresWest. While being acutely aware of how time-sensitive the dyeing needed to be (I really don’t like deadlines), I managed to find space in my head to create a few new colourways that I absolutely adore. They are colours that I am just entranced by and, simply, I just like looking at them. They make the studio feel brighter and happier.

New Colourway: Maple
New Colourway: Summer Dusk
Summer Dusk on Silk Crush Sock
New Colourway: Violet Hill
Violet Hill on Silk Crush Sock
New Colourway: Peashoot
Peashoot on Tough Love Sock

These are the four new variegated and “gently” variegated colourways: Maple, Summer Dusk, Violet Hill, and Peashoot. As well, a couple very delicate and almost neutral semi-solids: Tumbled Stone and Summer Skin.

Merino Silk Lace - Tumbled Stone
Tumbled Stone on Merino Silk Lace
New Colourway: Summer Skin
Summer Skin on Silk Crush Sock

And, also debuting at Fibres West last month, the DK (4-ply) weight of our Merino Silk series. Merino Silk DK is 4-ply whereas the Merino Silk Lace is 2-ply and Merino Silk Aran is 8-ply. It’s been great for really quick or beginner lace knitting. I’m getting a gauge of 24 sts per 4″ for 3.75 mm needles, but I’m sure everyone knits at different tensions and everyone prefers a different hand. I’ve dyed a whole bunch of it to either knit the new Manu cardigan by Kate Davies or Coraline by Ysolda. I can’t decide. And I also have a little stash of it in a special blue shade to knit the Apres Surf Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio

Merino Silk DK
Merino Silk DK dyed up in Coastal and Tourmaline

Fibres West was a really wonderful experience and I’m so grateful for all the customers and friends, both new and old, who stopped by the booth to say hello. Since we were positioned next to the Ravelry booth, we were audience and participant in a few little reunions.

It’s the very first time I’ve ever participated in a show situation and I was so nervous about getting enough stuff ready to display, getting the booth together, driving a truck… but luckily my old high school friends, James and Teresa, do this kind of thing for a living. They are both industrial and interior designers with their own design company, Light Couture International, and they helped me design and build the booth. They came over to the studio throughout March to paint all my shelving and helped set it all up on Thursday evening before the show. Amazing and professional, they took a huge weight off my shoulders so that I could just focus on dyeing great colours and making lots of yarn.

I am completely in awe of shop owners who are able to get their whole kit together and go from show to show to show. It’s a ton of work, but so worth it to see people in person, excited about the yarn and fibre. Thank you to everyone who came to help and visit!

SweetGeorgia's Fibres West Booth
Ready to go, Friday morning. Our SweetGeorgia booth at Fibres West 2010.

I’ll leave you with one of our photos from Fibres West… the rest are on Flickr.


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  1. Nadia Lewis says:

    The booth looks amazing! :D

  2. Nadia Lewis says:

    The booth looks amazing! :D

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