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Much Spinning to Come

Louet Victoria, packed. Clothes, not packed.

My brain feels like it’s turned to scrambled eggs as I try to get ready to leave for SOAR. I’m running back and forth from the studio and home, trying to figure out where those hand carders went to and trying to corral all the Louet bobbins I can find. I recall getting ready for SOAR last year and how crazy it was… luckily, this year is (kind of) better.

This year’s SOAR is near Lake Geneva in Delavan, Wisconsin, at Lake Lawn Resort. It’s too far to drive, obviously, so Jen and I are flying to Chicago and catching a 2-hour shuttle to the middle of the great unknown. So that means my beloved Matchless needs to stay home and I’ve packed the ultra tiny, ingeniously folding Louet Victoria. The wheel is so small and so light, I fear it will blow over in the lakeside breeze, but it’s perfect for fitting inside the suitcase. If what Judith says is true and lace spinning is doable and fine on a scotch tension wheel, then I should be okay for my three days of superfine lace spinning with Margaret Stove.

I’m also scheduled for a half-day retreat session with Judith on spinning to whatever diameter you want. Definitely excited about that, but now I’m starting to get a bit anxious about my spinning abilities and feel the need to practice a bit. Honestly, I haven’t had very much time to spin this year and it’s completely obvious by the fact that the fibre I was spinning at last year’s SOAR farewell spin-in is still on the lazy kate, needing to be plied. And yes, 95% of the fibre I bought at the market last year? Still in their packages. I’m awful at personal time management for spinning. I don’t deserve to attend the market this year… but since they open it up an hour early for participants only, I might sneak a peak. Maybe I’ll give myself a $20 limit? What can you get at SOAR for $20?

Diane’s handspun on a kuchulu spindle… amazing.

One of our Fibre Club members, Diane from Alberta, sent me some of her spinning photos which inspired me to get practicing again. Here’s just one of the photos — a perfectly, beautifully wound cop on a teeny tiny spindle. She says the kuchulu spindle is smaller than a cell phone. Lovely and even handspun singles that actually made me gasp in awe. I’m pretty sure this geometric winding effect has nothing to do with the spindle and everything to do with Diane.

Leftover Merino Bamboo Silk
Merino Bamboo Silk left over from the August Fibre Club run, dyed randomly

So I’ve packed a pound of leftover Fibre Club spinning fibre that I’m going to spin for the various spin-ins, including this Merino Bamboo Silk that was dyed random greens and turquoises. No idea what any of this spinning will become. But I expect much more spinning (and spinning posts) to come.


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