Tough Love Review from Jimmy Beans Wool

Just this summer we started shipping to the team of lovely people at Jimmy Beans Wool. Jeanne from JBW just posted this little video of her reviewing our Tough Love Sock. I’m much too shy to record video of myself for the internets, but it’s so cool to see other people doing it. I even love how the camera-lady sneezes around the 1:30 minute mark.


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2 thoughts on “Tough Love Review from Jimmy Beans Wool

  1. Anonymous says:

    What great colors for this yarn!

  2. Maryse says:

    This sure is nice and well deserved!  I’ve knitted two hats (one adult size and the matching for young girl size – thanks to the recipient who figured that one out!) out of a skein of this yarn in Blackberry and I really really enjoyed it!  I would love to use it again soon!

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