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Once More, With Feeling

Once More, With Feeling

Once More, With Feeling

Time to sing along! Once more, with feeling. Again! It’s been over six years since I got to go to the Buffy singalong… but I’m going again, this coming Saturday!

If you are in Vancouver and are still in love with the Buffy musical, get your tix now! I’m not entirely sure if this is hosted by the Vancouver Firefly/Serenity Meetup Group, but it’s at the Pacific Cinematheque again and there’s a Facebook page for it here…

There’s a secret warm-up episode and door prizes… and they’re going to host a “Snoopy Dance” dance-off too. It’s the 10-year anniversary of this special musical episode of Buffy, so come on down and get your Whedon on. I imagine there might be just a few Jayne hats in the house.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have a wonderful musical time!

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