Winter is coming.

Like a bit of an addict, I’ve watched the first season of Game of Thrones nearly three times over now. Winter is coming. Winter is coming. It’s burned in my brain as I await the second season. All that tv-watching is actually REALLY productive, since I’ve knit several prototypes for new designs that are currently being worked through with our wonderful test knitting crew. Since I don’t have new patterns to tell you about YET, I thought I’d divert your attention to a few new gorgeous patterns that have just dropped in the past few days or so…

Geada by Susanna IC

Designer, Susanna IC is known for her experimentation with the crescent-shaped shawl. Beginning with her Annis pattern published in Knitty, she’s designed a collection of beautiful lace shawls with the bottom-up, short-row and crescent-shaped concept. This new design, Geada, incorporates cables into the shawl which help “gather” the top-edge of the shawl and enhance the crescent effect. Knit up in a heavy aran-weight silk-blend yarn, the design is substantial enough to keep you warm this winter, while also shimmering with a good amount of silk. Gorgeous.

Corinth by Christa Giles

Earlier this year, I got to have brunch with Christa where she showed me this elegant cardigan that she designed in our Superwash DK yarn. Here it is, published in Twist Collective, under the name, Corinth. It’s the perfect name! The design is simple but genius… the beautiful (and slimming!) pinstripe effect is created with a dead-easy slipped stitch technique. I caught my breath when I saw the detailing around transition from bottom band to body… little cables! Christa’s become such a prolific designer recently with at least two patterns launched in each of these recent Twist Collective issues. I feel pretty lucky that I got to touch and feel this cardigan before seeing it revealed on my computer monitor!

Brickletown Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty

Fingerless mitts! The perfect solution to freezing cold fingers while doing computer work (am I the only person with this problem? my fingers get so cold, they look grey). I’ve knit myself a pair of mitts recently and have been wearing them for both driving and typing (not at the same time, I swear). Elizabeth just released this finely detailed and tailored cabled mitt pattern on Ravelry, called Brickletown Mitts. I feel like I’ve just recently started to write my own patterns down and know what a challenge it is to get everything “just so“… so I can really appreciate what a beautifully written pattern Elizabeth has created. The mitts are designed in sock yarn and so the gauge is quite fine — perfect for showing off the delicate cables and twisted stitches. It also include fitted thumb gussets and even a special ribbing pattern for the thumbs. The pattern is written in three sizes with separate charts for each size. A beautiful, well-documented pattern that will do well to use up half a skein of luxury sock yarn!

Happy knitting… and if you do happen to start watching Game of Thrones, I found this infographic indispensible for figuring out who’s who.


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