Better Than Perfect, Mighty Ugly

I just woke up to see Kim Werker on the Breakfast Television show where she gave a little preview of what she is doing this weekend (actually starting today) at the One of a Kind Show in Vancouver. See, Kim leads workshops on “confronting creative demons, pushing creative expression & gettin’ crafty in new and unusual ways. Embrace the ugly.”

The concept is brilliant. What would feel better than trying to be perfect? Ahhhh… freedom to be creative, peace in your heart and trusting your true self. No more fear of failure. It would feel so good not to be so self-critical or judgemental or overwhelmed by your own expectations. It would be so therapeutic, as Kim says.

So these “Mighty Ugly” workshops lead people through a creative exercise in making something that’s supposed to be ugly. It’s freeing. It’s a sigh of relief, not having to fit anyone’s exacting standards (especially your own). Because when you start with the goal of making something ugly, you can’t go anywhere but up. It’s about “celebrating the benefits of failure so we’re not so afraid of doing big things.”

I’ve heard other knitters say the same thing, so I know I’m not alone… that when you spend way too much time surfing Ravelry, you start to feel overwhelmed by how awesome everyone else’s projects are. You feel intense pressure to also be awesome, somehow. You set up irrational beliefs that you are not good enough. You become disheartened and fear starting larger, more complex projects because you fear not being able to succeed or produce a finished object. Then because you feel like you have nothing to show, you feel like a failure. Oh, it’s a bad trip that never ends.

If you can relate, maybe take a break from that last minute gift knitting craziness and visit Kim at the One of a Kind Show starting today and indulge in a bit of craft therapy.


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2 thoughts on “Better Than Perfect, Mighty Ugly

  1. Chandi says:

    Oh, brilliant. I feel that way a lot. Good to know I’m not alone!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a fun creative idea!

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