Chunky, Chunkier, Chunkiest

Toasty warm. Not just warm. I like toasty warm. In the winter, it seems like there is nothing I can do to keep from having cold hands and toes. I heat my place up around 24 to 26 degrees (that’s a good 75 to 79°F) and I wear fleece everything AND a cowl while I work.

I knit my Fisherman’s Cowl with 2 strands of Superwash DK to get a thicker, fatter yarn… but it’s still not heavy duty enough in my opinion. What I really wanted was a super pudgy, soft and squishy yarn that I could pad myself with and go all Marshmallow Man-like. Enter Superwash Chunky.

Yup, the latest news is that we have a new yarn. It’s been something I’ve spent the past year searching, hunting and planning for. We’ve added Superwash Chunky to our collection of pure, washable merino yarns. It’s 120 yards of big chunky goodness and knits up at an easy 3 to 3.5 stitches per inch. It promises to knit up faster for last minute projects and gifts.

Of course, if 3 sts per inch is not big enough and if you want super heavy duty, you can do what I did… double-strand the Chunky, knit on 15mm (US 19) needles to get 1.5 sts per inch and make the chunkiest cowl ever. Stay warm.


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2 thoughts on “Chunky, Chunkier, Chunkiest

  1. Melissa Kwan says:

    I’m so excited that you have a chunky base now!  I’ve already knit a few projects with it and absolutely LOVE it!  I’ve been craving a simple, cozy pullover that I can just snuggle up in and so I just had to give the Chunky a try.  Well after a good soak, I can’t believe just how much the yarn fluffed up and how it feels like you’re being hugged by a cuddly teddy bear!  Great choice in adding this base to your lineup!

  2. Allison says:

    I AM SO EXCITED for a chunky base! I can’t wait to try it out!

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