New Pattern: Park City Socks

After taking Cookie A’s sock design class at VK Live in September, I knew I had to get myself in gear and actually DO something with all the knowledge I was acquiring. So, I thank Cookie A and my table-mate, Chia, for being a part of this whole sock pattern process. In Cookie’s class, we learned to do the math required to fit a stitch pattern to sock instructions, ensuring that the sock is the right size to fit over your foot AND ankle joint. While, I didn’t end up working out the pattern I had started in Cookie’s class, here is what I did end up designing…

These Park City Socks feature an all-over simple lace pattern that looks like a forest of trees. Knit from the top/cuff down, they are written for two sizes (to fit a foot circumference of 8.5″ and 10″ — ladies’ medium and large). One of our intrepid test knitters, Judy, knit these for us in Tough Love Sock (English Ivy). I knit my sample in Cayenne and I think it’s so interesting to see how we all use the same size knitting needles (2.25 mm) and the same yarn, and yet we get different results because of our knitting styles. My prototype sock was knit way too tight… thank heavens for test knitters.

Hope you enjoy… my first sock pattern. Please let me know if you run into trouble or have questions about the instructions! Find the pattern here on Ravelry or on our website.


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2 thoughts on “New Pattern: Park City Socks

  1. Cool! Just queued at Ravelry – might I suggest – based on my experience when searching for patterns that fit the month criteria for the SKA challenges, that you add more tags…like, is it knit/purls or ribbing, or cables, or slip stitches… what month would these qualify if one was doing socks based on the SKA schedule??

  2. Maryse says:

    Excellent first sock pattern!  I love it!  I tought it was from Cookie A.!

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