Back in May, Twist Collective set Fiona Ellis and I up on a bit of a blind date. Twist had arranged for Fiona to use some of our yarn for her upcoming designs and it just so happened that Fiona was visiting Vancouver at the time when we had the yarn ready, so Fiona and I met up for the first time at a little bistro downtown and ended up having a really lovely lunch and chat.

Fiona is funny and friendly, and it’s easy to see how excited she gets about knitting… cables, texture, colourwork, lace… everything knitting! She was so sweet and easy to talk to, the time flew by as we talked about designing and travelling and how she got started. Fiona brought me a swatch of the sweater she was working on (worked in a different yarn), and explained to me how the sweater was going to be constructed. It’s more lovely than I could have imagined.

The Breckenridge pullover is knit up in our Superwash DK yarn which is soft but still provides excellent cable definition. The smallest sizes only take five skeins of yarn.

Looking forward to seeing what Fiona will come up with next! You can see over a hundred of Fiona’s designs here on Ravelry.


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