Winner(s) of the “Knit to Flatter” Giveaway

So, being the forgetful space cadet I have been for the past few weeks, I realized that I posted a message on Facebook about the giveaway but forgot to actually direct people to leave their comments on the blog, and not on Facebook. Since it’s not fair to exclude those lovely Facebook commenters from the giveaway but it’s too much work to integrate all the responses into one pool, I’ve decided to give away my own copy of Amy Herzog’s “Knit to Flatter” too, so we’ll in effect be giving away TWO books.

The winners! From the BLOG comments, our winner is Sarah from Blue Garter who said:

If anyone HASN’T knit an unflattering sweater, I’m green with envy! I still can’t seem to get my waist shaping correctly placed, despite years of practice, and have begun to wonder if placing decreases at the side “seam” simply isn’t a very good idea. Also, anything with too high a neck seems to make my breasts look like they’re too far south. (I think it’s because I’m so tall, but maybe they actually are!) Anyway, I can’t wait to get a good look at Amy’s book. It seems like such a gift to women, whether they knit or not.

And our winner from the Facebook comments is Mary Elaine Henderson who said:

I am a new knitter so I haven’t tried a sweater yet. I am looking at patterns. drooling…

I’ll be contact both Sarah and Mary so that we can pop these books in the mail to them. Thanks so much for everyone’s stories. I was actually quite surprised at how many people reported having devastating or discouraging experiences with their hand knit sweaters… It hasn’t deterred me from wanting to cast on for a Rocky Coast cardigan though… The yarn has been dyed and is just drying now!


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