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Fall 2013 Colours Preview

It’s that time again! Could we be thinking about Fall already? Why yes. Our newly built crate was picked up on Wednesday and we can’t wait to unpack it for all of you who are coming to TNNA. There’s LOTS of goodies inside. Grace spun and knit every single one of our spinning fibres, and Liisa is knitting swatches from all our yarns. We hope you like the new display. But for those of you who won’t be there to see it in person, here is a little preview of the new colourways we are bringing out this fall:

There are four new variegated yarns that just feel tasty to me and five new semi-solids that continue in the style of our spring’s Wisteria and Rosebud. These are semi-solids that are more semi, less solid.

shown on Tough Love Sock


Tapestry // feels a little majestic with a golden glow of yellow golds with plums and purples. Knit up into a sock, this colourway looks balanced and warm. I imagine golden silk tassels and wine-coloured velvet drapes, with a little silk brocade thrown in the mix.

shown on Tough Love Sock


Grouse // a little homage to the mountain where my husband and I got married almost two years ago this July. It’s the first place I learned to snowboard, and it’s my view every night as I drive home. When the mountain is not covered in snow, it’s green, fresh and woodsy.

shown on Tough Love Sock

Tea Party

Tea Party // This was originally going to be named Twilight Tea Party because I imagined the kind of Mad Hatter’s tea party that would be held in a forest, as the sky was darkening, the table lit only by candlelight. But I left off the “Twilight” because I didn’t want people to think it was a vampire tea party.

shown on Tough Love Sock

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising // I have long been enamoured with the idea of renewal, resurgence, and “rising from the ashes”. In Chinese mythology, the Phoenix is the female “yin” to the Dragon’s “yang” and is used as a bridal symbol, together with the dragon, to represent “inseparable fellowship”. To me, these flame colours reflect the magical, mystical and majestic aspects of the Phoenix.

shown on Tough Love Sock


Ultraviolet // This is a re-make of our much loved Ultraviolet colourway, only better. Last year, we discontinued our Ultraviolet because the recipe was not perfect and we had trouble making it consistently. This time, I’ve reformulated the colourway, adding in more layers of colour for greater depth and intensity. This is one deep purple.

shown on Tough Love Sock


Magpie // Yes, another bird. We all agree at the studio that this is exactly what Magpies look like. Blackish navy with a hint of gold showing through. And what do Magpies act like? Well, just like knitters who stash and play on Pinterest… collecting all the pretty things…

shown on Tough Love Sock

Deep Cove

Deep Cove // Deep Cove is this sweet little neighbourhood on the North Shore. Tucked away in the east edge of North Vancouver, the central strip opens up to a gorgeous beach and view of the Burrard Inlet. If you do go, you must hit Honey’s Doughnuts. This colour is like our Tourmaline, but deeper, darker and more mature. I’d say it’s the most wearable teal we make. Seriously, consider those doughnuts.



Willow // This is my neighbourhood. We live in Fairview Slopes in Vancouver on Willow Street. The streets are lined with trees and hydrangeas and we have a walking path down to the waterfront. This greyed green is reminiscent of the canopy of trees that hang over the walking path. It’s deep and shaded, but streams of light pour through.

shown on Tough Love Sock

Terra Firma

Terra Firma // This is an interesting rosy red colour. It makes me think of red earth… some hints of brown, purple, and pink. It’s definitely hard to describe, which is why it’s so fascinating to look at.

I have been crazy about making more deeper, moodier colourways for fall… choosing hues that are colourful but not overwhelming, and always wearable. We have some wonderful, speedy knitters who are knitting up samples for us in these new colourways, so you’ll see how they come together soon. And me, I’m knitting the Rocky Coast cardigan in Deep Cove right now. I’ve finished the body and am starting the sleeves… I’ll get this done by TNNA, I swear.

These colours will be available to order for the yarn shops at TNNA in two weeks, and we’ll launch them in the online shop in July so that you can pick some up too, if your yarn shop hasn’t ordered any (and why not?). Hope to see you in Columbus in a couple weeks!


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5 thoughts on “Fall 2013 Colours Preview

  1. ChristyKitsch says:

    First, I love those doughnuts. Second, I am seriously eager to get that Tapestry colourway…

  2. ChristyKitsch says:

    First, I love those doughnuts. Second, I am seriously eager to get that Tapestry colourway…

  3. Ruinwen Dagorielle says:

    They are all so lovely! I really adore Phoenix Rising! :)

  4. Ruinwen Dagorielle says:

    They are all so lovely! I really adore Phoenix Rising! :)

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