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Need for Speed: Continental Knitting class with Liisa

Continental Knitting

Liisa knitting with her crazy fast continental style. That motion blur is because she’s THAT fast.

Back in the spring at Vogue Knitting LIVE in Seattle, one of our dyers, Liisa, went on-stage to prove her knitting chops in the “fastest knitter” competition. She won the top prize and since then we’ve all been eager to learn how exactly Liisa knits so darn fast.

Well. We’ve asked her to hold court at the studio and teach a class on her style of continental knitting and here it is:

Need for Speed: Continental Knitting

Wednesdays, September 25, October 2, and 9, 2013

Want to become a faster knitter? Are you craving for an effortless, relaxed knitting style? We have a class for you!

In this intermediate-level class you will learn to master the Continental knitting technique from A to Z — often hailed as one of the fastest methods available — as taught by our own jaw-droppingly fast, blink-and-you’ll-miss-her European enforcement, Liisa. With a record of 68 stitches per minute, she is revealing her speed-knitting secrets for the first time!

Additional class topics include an overview of different Continental variations, methods for cabling and other advanced stitches, and tips on how to make your knitting more efficient and consistent with minimal hand movements.

Participants should have some previous knitting experience and knowledge about different yarn types and weights. Your current knitting style is not an issue — whether you’re a hard-and-fast thrower or just want to take your picking to the next level, join us for a class that will leave you craving for more knitting than ever!

Price includes three (3) 90-minute sessions, yarn and needles.

  • Classes take place from 6 to 7:30 pm on three consecutive Wednesday nights (September 25, October 2, and 9, 2013)
  • Class fee of $60 includes yarn and needles

Classes are held at the SweetGeorgia Yarns Studio at 110-408 East Kent Avenue South near Main Street and Marine Drive in Vancouver. Access to transit is very limited. Plenty of free parking is available.

We’re taking registration for Liisa’s class now here »

Painting the wall pink!As part of our dream to make our studio more cozy and host local knitters and spinners, we’re making some little updates to the upstairs lounge area at the studio. Last week, Hubert and David painted one of our walls our signature pink colour. And then earlier this week, Grace and Hubert installed some kitchen cabinets to keep our precious stash of tea and coffee nice and tidy.

I’m bringing in a big comfy couch soon and we’ll be setting up our mini fibre arts library too. I’m hoping this fall we can start hosting more great classes at the studio so you can learn from our brilliant crew of knitters and spinners.


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