End of Spinzilla 2013

Felicia Lo, 1392 yards

A few bobbins of singles for Spinzilla…

Spinning for the 2013 Spinzilla officially closed on Sunday night and we have been tallying up our yardages and submitting them to our effervescent and hard-working team captain, Grace Verhagen. Check out all the yarn that was spun for Team SweetGeorgia! It’s astonishing! And check out all the spinning-in-progress on our team Pinterest board.

Spinning all that yardage is one thing… measuring it all is another. I know there were several different methods of calculating yardage that were used. Some involved weighing a known yardage of yarn and then calculating how many yards were in the total amount of fibre spun. Some people wound off onto niddy noddies. For me, I used an electric yardage counter that we have at the studio and ran my singles from the original bobbins onto storage bobbins using a double-ended electric bobbin winder.

Measuring yardage with a yardage counter and double-ended bobbin winder

Measuring yardage with a yardage counter and double-ended bobbin winder

I kept track of the hours and the time I spent spinning every day and how much fibre I managed to spin in that time. And although I didn’t spin nearly as much as I thought I would, it was great to be able to look back and have a realistic idea of how long it takes me to spin anything. I spun 1392 yards over 11 hours which makes my spinning rate a paltry 126 yards per hour… but maybe I can use this to better estimate spinning production for future projects…

Thank you to everybody who dedicated so much time to spinning on Team SweetGeorgia this past week. We have seen incredible production from some spinners like Kim Fisher, who spun over 2,400 on a spindle alone, and Irene Weisner, who spun nearly 7,500 yards of fine singles! We are hosting a Finale spin-in on Monday, October 18 to celebrate everybody’s spinning, hand out our own team prizes and to sit down and ply all our singles now!

And I’m watching the yardage counts come in on Ravelry and so far the spinner with the most yardage is Cheryl Newhouse of New Hue Handspun with nearly 17,000 yards spun during this past week! Amazing!!

How about you? What was your Spinzilla experience? What will you do with your handspun?


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