Spinzilla: A Monster 1,373,175.06 Yards Spun!

This is what 16,852 yards of handspun looks like!

This is what 16,852 yards of handspun looks like!

Can you believe it?! In just one week, Spinzilla spinners all over collectively spun nearly 1.4 million yards! And congratulations to Team Fancy Tiger for their 2013 Spinzilla win! Over Spinzilla week, they collectively spun 94,939.73 yards for the win. And Team SweetGeorgia? We made the Top Ten list with 62,844 yards spun, placing 6th out of 34 teams! Way to go Team SweetGeorgia!

Top Ten Teams

  1. Team Fancy Tiger 94,939.73
  2. Team KnitGirllls 82,587
  3. Team Storey 78,712
  4. Team Woolery 74,593
  5. Team Louet 63,964
  6. Team SweetGeorgia 62,844
  7. Team Mielke 62,652.39
  8. Team Knot Another Hat/Natural Fiber Producers 61,732
  9. Team Yarn Hollow 61,647.50
  10. Team Knitting Nest/Edgewood Fiber Studio 61,590

We’ll be hosting our Spinzilla Finale spin-in on Monday, October 18th at the studio for Team SweetGeorgia, handing out our own prizes and plying all those singles! Congratulations to everyone who participated in Spinzilla this year. Can’t wait for next year!


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