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UK SweetGeorgia Stockist: Tangled Yarn

One of the reasons we’re so delighted to have a booth at the upcoming Unravel is that it’s a great chance to tell you about our excellent stockists here in the UK who are already carrying our yarns. Our first profile is of online yarn shop Tangled Yarn, run by the lovely Rachel Owen.

Tell us about Tangled Yarn. How long have you been in business and what made you decide to open an online yarn shop?
I’d dreamt for some time about running my own yarn store but the practical side of me knew it wouldn’t necessarily fit in with looking after a family. My husband often works away and juggling kids with work isn’t always easy, especially with school holidays and so forth. Starting an online yarn shop seemed to be a much better option. Back in early 2011 I started looking for yarns I wanted to stock, my focus being on smaller, independent suppliers and in June of that year Tangled Yarn’s virtual doors opened.

What is your favourite thing about your shop, or about being an online yarn shop owner?
I love working for myself, making decisions about what to stock and trying new yarns. I believe strongly in offering a good service and because I make the decisions myself I feel that my beliefs are not compromised.

What sets Tangled Yarn apart from other online yarn shops?
I only stock yarns and products that I’d be happy to use myself! I personally find it quite hard waiting for orders to arrive when I’ve bought things online, so I make sure that orders are sent out straight away and I keep my customers informed of what’s happening with their orders. Online shopping can be very impersonal so I’ve tried to connect with my customers through social media sites like Ravelry and Facebook.

Yummy shelves of yarn abound in the Tangled Yarn stockroom!

Yummy shelves of yarn abound in the Tangled Yarn stockroom!

What are some of your most popular products?
Sock yarns are always popular, especially hand-dyed like SweetGeorgia’s Tough Love Sock and Juno Fibre Art’s Buffy. Another popular yarn is Holst Garn Supersoft Wool, which we stock in over 50 colours!

Do you have any special offers that knitters should know about?
This year I started a loyalty scheme so customers can earn points that count towards money off vouchers. I also run regular promotions through our newsletters. I’m also happy to offer readers of the SweetGeorgia blog £2 off Tough Love Sock for the month of February. Just use the code sweet at checkout.

Thank you Rachel! Knitters in the UK can find Tangled Yarn on their website or Ravelry group, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


About Allison Thistlewood

Allison is a Canadian expat with a passion for knitting and the fibre arts. Located in London, she's thrilled to be introducing SweetGeorgia Yarns to yarn shops around the UK and the EU. Allison also freelances in marketing and communications for the knitting community at large and is one of the co-organisers of Yarn in the City, a London-based knitting-centric events company. Yarn in the City organises the annual Great London Yarn Crawl.

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