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Reveal: April 2014 Club


Temptress (April 2014) on Cashluxe spinning fibre

Each month, we dye a brand new, unique colourway for our Spinning Fibre and Sock Yarn Clubs. Today we wanted to share with you what we did for April:

the colourway //

I have long been seduced by the colours of royal purple, wisteria, periwinkle, and violets. Temptress is a colourway inspired by those violet-indigo tones. The CashLuxe fibre soaks up dye quickly and intensely, holding onto the colour wherever it is laid. This creates the fabulous mottled effect in the spinning fibre that will produce a yarn with great tonal variation and depth.


Temptress (April 2014) on Cashluxe Fine

the yarn //

CashLuxe Fine is our very popular 3-ply fingering weight merino, cashmere and nylon (MCN) blend. With 20% cashmere content, this yarn is deliciously soft and cushy. The 10% nylon gives the yarn more strength to withstand wear. And the superwash merino in this blend makes for an easy care yarn.

CashLuxe Fine works beautifully for cozy fingering weight shawls or soft and springy garments. While you could knit socks with this yarn, it’s still best suited to more delicate handknits.

knitting thoughts //

Ever since being introduced to the Frisson shawl pattern by Ginny at the studio, I’ve been somewhat infatuated with it. Simple to knit, with yarn overs and an easy modular structure, a shawl like this could look wonderful with the analogous colour scheme of this colourway. Knitting garter stitch will gently meld the colours together, so think Hitchhiker shawl, Wingspan shawl, or Rae scarf for pattern ideas.

the fibre //

We have a favourite fingering weight yarn at the studio called CashLuxe Fine that’s spun from a blend of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon. For this month’s club offering, we’ve brought in a similar fibre blend that we’ll call CashLuxe spinning fibre made from 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon.

Cashmere is a short, downy fibre that gives this fibre the feeling of velvety softness and bounce. And the nylon content helps to strength yarns made from this fibre.

spinning thoughts //

We use our CashLuxe Fine sock-weight yarn for everything from socks to shawls to garments. This fibre would also work well with any of the above. It’s superwash and quite a bouncy fibre, so just know that knitting fine lace in this may not give you a crisp, open fabric.

I would try spinning this without any pre-drafting so that you can retain as much of that tonal variation of the colourway as possible. Those light spots will breathe life into your yarn!

Stay tuned for future updates of our club colourways. I’m hoping we’ll post these on a monthly basis after the threat of spoilers has past! You can see many of our previous Club colourways here »


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