Just One More: Pavito Shawl by Laura Nelkin

Pavito Shawl by Laura Nelkin

Pavito Shawl by Laura Nelkin, knit in Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace and SweetGeorgia Merino Silk Lace in Tourmaline

Laura Nelkin’s latest design collection, “Just One More“, includes 6 new lace shawl designs that are based on previous designs, re-imagined. I think this is a fascinating thing about being creative… while there are plenty of new ideas, there are some things that draw us back in, over and over again, toying with us. So in this case, Laura has taken the Pavito Shawl and made it into a two-tone version with double layers of lace.

This is also a serialized e-book, in that one design will be released in the first week of every month from May through October of 2014. Laura is a fantastic knitting instructor and you can find her teaching a multitude of classes on In these e-collections, she also offers video tutorial links to help you with any tricky bits.

Pavito Shawl is a top down, bi-colored, semi-circular lace shawl that incorporates beads, welts and double layers of fabric simulating a peacock’s plumage!

I love the four shawls that have been released so far… they all include some kind of whimsical point of interest. Colour combinations and interesting angles. Hope you enjoy!


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