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Happy Friday Five: The First Edition

Five-Minute Journal

Five-Minute Journal

So with the start of the new year, my husband and I (I think he’s still doing it) have begun the practice of writing a journal. I’ve been writing journals and diaries since I was a kid, documenting all the gory details of every unrequited love, every disagreement with my siblings, and every career-related heartbreak. But as life gets busy, the time to sit and write is pretty challenging… until I stumbled upon this lovely thing: The Five Minute Journal.

During the holidays, I was listening to Jess Lively’s fabulous podcast and this episode is an interview with UJ Ramdas, co-author of the Five-Minute Journal. It convinced me to buy a few journals and give them as gifts for the holidays, including one for myself. And since January 1st, I’ve been writing in it morning and night, listing out point-form the things that I’m grateful for, the best things that happened today, and ideas to make today great. In the spirit of leading with gratitude, I’m aiming to write in quick short-form on Fridays just a few (let’s aim for five, inspired by Felicia Day’s Fave Five) of the things that are making me happy these days. Let’s begin.

  1. We’re back from TNNA in Phoenix (longer post in the works) and we didn’t get maimed, despite wandering around the sketchy parts in search of vegan food.
  2. Russell has been sleeping until nearly 6 am in the mornings. Woohoo. I feel alive.
  3. Meeting my girlfriend for lunch at Smokehouse Sandwich Co. Meat & Bread has nothing on this place. It’s so good, I almost don’t want to share.
  4. Adam Levine in Sugar
  5. Thanks to a little nudge from Kim, I’m destashing a ton of yarn and fibre and getting all organized ‘n stuff.

How about you? What are you happy and grateful for this Friday?


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