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TNNA Winter 2015 Recap

Wall of SGY Polwarth+Silk spinning fibre in every single colourway

Wall of SGY Polwarth+Silk spinning fibre in every single colourway

Feeling like a beginner again! This past TNNA was held in Phoenix in early January. I haven’t been to the past two shows, it’s been a while since Liisa has attended the show, and Ashley… well she started working with us this past fall and she’s never been to TNNA before! And plus, this time we had a brand new booth display that the girls had never set up before. They had seen it for maybe 20 minutes one early morning in December before it got shipped to the Phoenix warehouse. So, there was that.

But despite feeling a bit “green”, Ashley and Liisa did a fantastic job of deciphering the booth schematic and assembling all the skeins in perfect colour order. We had a great time at the Sample It on Friday afternoon, launching a new sock yarn base that we hope you’ll enjoy and a couple patterns to go with. And I ended up picking up pretty much one of everything the Soak girls had at their booth.

Constance came by to show us the wonderful vest she had designed, handwoven, and handsewn using our handpainted yarns. Hopefully she’ll be teaching this technique soon and you can all see how it’s done. It’s simple but and ingenious way of using those hand-dyed yarns without making a big pooly mess.

Since we were one of the sponsors of the Yarn Group Lounge, we were able to host a little yarn tasting event in their booth as well. Ashley worked on all the details of the yarn tasting and got to chat with several super enthusiastic knitters. We love those kind of knitters.

Reunions and new faces

Reunions and new faces

Since it’s been a while since I’ve been at TNNA, the best thing was just having the opportunity to reconnect with people. Seeing people live and in-person will never be replaced by all the Instagramy-goodness in the world. My very favourite thing is getting out to chat with our fellow knitter friends, shop owners, and fibre-crazed fanatics. I can’t believe Columbus TNNA is right around the corner… we’ve already booked our spot, so see you in a couple months! It’ll be here in no time at all!


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