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Friday Five: Good & Random

Tofu monster

Give me all your tofu.

It might sound silly, but my mood seems directly tied to the effort I put into writing my Five Minute Journal. When I am too busy to make note of and remember the good things, they fall off the radar and I get myself all worked up into a ball of stress again. So yes, I missed posting last week. And yes, it’s probably better for me when I don’t miss a week. So here is what has been shining up my week…

1. My kitchen is spotless

And not because of me. I head for bed early these days, picking up what toys and baby clothes I can before falling dead asleep, but my husband rolls through the house and resets everything. That way, when I get up with the baby in the morning, everything is ready to go… frying pan, clean. Coffee maker, ready. Blender, check. It’s simply awesome and I’m so grateful he does this, because I know he would much rather be catching up on Conan and scouring the web for local news stories about the Oakland Raiders.

2. We’ve created … a Tofu monster

Russell discovered miso soup and tofu this week. And he loves it SO much, he ignores all other food so that he can eat all his tofu and then all my tofu… and then proceeds to get mad at me when we run out of tofu. I don’t really understand it. But it’s crazy cool to see his personality start to emerge. He’s got opinions and preferences and he’s not shy about letting you know. He’s curious about everything. (So far) he plays well with others. Lately, he’s taken to climbing onto our headboard and jumping off while cackling mischievously. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s only just 15 months.

3. New quilt in the works

Fabric has been bought and cutting is afoot! Inspired by this gorgeous herringbone quilt by Freshly Handmade, I’m making a crib-size version of the My Song quilt too. I have photos of the fabric and such… but since it’s a gift I can’t show you yet. There’s some Birch Farm by Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, and lots of Heather Bailey. Photos will come as soon as I can gift the quilt!

4. Seeing Ryan Holmes and Terry McBride in the same room on Monday

I’m excited to be attending the FWE Gala this coming Monday night where the founder of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, will be speaking as well as Terry McBride, the founder of Nettwerk Records and Yyoga. FWE is hosting about 400 women business owners at this event. I used to be so nervous about going to these kinds of things, but now I’m just feeling positive… Because I know when I leave an FWE event, I’m nearly always feeling inspired and encouraged. Hope to have good things to report next week!

5. Headed to the YMN Conference in Seattle

It’s so close, how could I not go? I just signed up yesterday to attend my first Yarn Market News Smart Business Conference and it’s an event that I’ve been wanting to attend for years now. So great that it’s in our “backyard”, so I’ll be driving down to Seattle on Sunday afternoon before they start serving cocktails. If you are going to be there, please do come say hello.

There are LOTS of things on my plate right now… lots of things that I’ll hopefully be able to share sooner than later. Until then. Happy Friday!


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