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Studio Sale Thank You!

Well, we were so happy to see those of you who came by the studio for our Spring Cleaning Sale this past Saturday! Thank you all for coming. We had not predicted the incredible turnout… in fact, Ashley (who did nearly all of the sorting, organizing, balloon-blowing, and sign-making!) kept worrying that people wouldn’t enjoy the sale and Ally couldn’t sleep on Friday night, thinking about the sale the next day. I was sitting in the dentist’s chair at 9 am on Saturday morning, rabidly checking my phone to make sure the grab bags appeared correctly on our shop site… and saw that all (except one!) were sold out within 20 minutes! Yikes!

For a sale that started at 1 pm, we already had knitters lining up at 11:45 am. Betty and Hailey brought their own lawn chairs, knitting, AND refreshments. By 1 pm, we had a queue maybe 20 or 30 people long and my husband, Dan, served as our friendly bouncer, letting a few people in at a time so that our tiny studio space wouldn’t become a fire hazard. Knitters continued to join the queue until about 3 pm when it started to lighten up. We kept offering flats of donuts and brownies (thanks Deb!) to keep the energy and spirits up. And thankfully(!) it didn’t rain like it was supposed to.

Sale from 1 pm to 4 pm

Sale from 1 pm to 4 pm

Betty and Hailey, our first customers in line

Betty and Hailey, our first customers in line

I don’t know why we hadn’t thought to host a sale earlier. We really needed to make some space, and make space we did. Here’s a quick little before and after of just one little corner of the studio:




After (people not so fond of yellow?)

I’ve been enjoying following everybody’s “haul” photos on our Ravelry group here. Amazingly, there were no trampling accidents or fist fights over yarns. I am so grateful for everyone’s patience and good spirits in the queue!

Thank you to all who brought canned goods, pasta, Starbucks Tazo Chai mix (wow!), and other food donations for the Vancouver Food Bank! Our boxes of food donations were overflowing and we actually completely ran out of our charity yarns. This is something we will definitely continue in the future.

Let’s do it again next year! And so that our online friends don’t feel super left out, we are going to be making up more of those lovely mixed bags from our favourite prototype skeins, B-sides, and rarities and post those again on our online shop for Saturday morning (April 4, 2015) at 9 am PST. Thanks for supporting us!


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