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Slice Scarf Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

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The scarf design was inspired by the image of a snowy owl. I love intarsia, especially when it can translate and capture movement. The design is not a literal translation of the owl image, but rather an interpretation of the swoop and slice an owl’s wings might make while in flight.

Knit in 2 colours of Trinity Worsted (Nightwatch and Silver), Meg Roke’s Slice is a sumptuous scarf for the approaching autumn season. Gradual colour changes slice through the fabric, like the snowy winds across a dark landscape, making the perfect accessory for the cold winter season. An easy introduction to intarsia, all knitters will delight in this lusciously soft scarf that highlights the subtle shifts of hand-dyed yarn.

Meg’s tip for knitting Slice

To avoid gaps when knitting an intarsia motif, try the following: when changing colours, drop the first colour, pick up the second colour and wrap it around the first colour, twisting the yarns once. Then, continue knitting with the second colour. In fact, you can check out a tutorial from the SweetGeorgia team by clicking HERE.

Slice Snapshot

Original Slice Sketch

Behind the Brilliance: Meg’s Five Faves

Favourite way to spend Saturday morning: On Saturday mornings I meet with a couple of good friends and fellow knitting enthusiasts at a wonderful local gourmet food store. We sit in the café by a big window lined with geraniums, sip our hot tea, nibble on delicious croissants, knit, and talk about all things knitting and not knitting.

Favourite knitting tool or fiber: Wooden needles and wool… or alpaca… or all of the above.  Wooden needles are much easier on the hands, and although they may not be as speedy as other needles, they are comforting and smooth and my number one choice. Aside from wool and needles, the tool I grab more than any other is a center scoop cable needle. It helps me do just about everything in knitting (especially fixing mistakes).

Favourite guilty pleasure: Brie cheese. Or really any good cheese. All of my guilty pleasures are food related. This list could get quite lengthy and downright out of control. Let’s just say all things on this list are decadent and overflowing with deliciousness and calories. But that’s why we knit right? To avoid eating such things. Yep, I never believed that one either.

Favourite colour: Blue-gray or gray-blue.

Favourite thing to wear in the fall: Jeans, cozy t-shirt, and either a knit cardigan or a cardigan and a knit shawl/accessory. I just finished knitting a poncho and I’m pretty sure I will be living in that all fall.

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