Waggle Hat & Mittens by Yvette Noel

Waggle Hat and Mittens Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,
Waggle Hat and Mittens Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

I was watching a documentary on bees, so I immediately looked for a cable that resemble the figure eight of their waggle dance for my piece. The wraps are fun to do and they look so pretty on the cuff and the brim.

Captivatingly plump cables and wraps dance off the fabric of the Waggle Hat & Mitten Set by Yvette Noel. Knit up in Superwash DK, the results are a masterpiece of luxury and texture, perfect for the upcoming cold-weather days. The hat is worked from the bottom up, with a deliciously cozy slouch-style finish that looks chic all year round.

Waggle Hat and Mittens Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

Yvette’s tip for knitting the Waggle Hat & Mitten Set

Make your yarn overs really loose, I would put the left needle over the right one and wrapped the yarn over both needles. I would then pull out the left needle leaving two large yarn overs on the right needle.

Behind the Brilliance: Yvette’s Five Faves

Favourite way to spend Saturday morning: Getting up really early like five am and start the day with a huge coffee and knitting before everyone else gets up.

Favourite knitting tool or fiber: Definitely cashmere.

Favourite guilty pleasure: Poutine, it’s fries, cheese curds and gravy very popular in Quebec. I refused to try it for a long time it looked weird, but once I tasted it I fell in love with it. My liver and my weight prevent me from eating poutine every day.

Favourite colour: Blue like the blue of faded jeans.

Favourite thing to wear in the fall: Mittens because my hands get cold when I take walks.

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