Winter Sunrise by Mindy Wilkes

Winter Sunrise Shawl Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,
Winter Sunrise Shawl Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

Winter Sunrise uses one of my favorite bind offs ever–the picot bind off. If I could put picots on every single design I do, I would. I love picots!

Mindy Wilkes designed the gorgeous Winter Sunrise shawl, using our dreamy CashSilk Lace and Tough Love Sock. Delicate lace melds beautifully, perfectly, with the supple texture of garter stitch in this airy, lightweight shawl. The asymmetrical shaping is simple, yet engaging, while the picot-bind off ensures the most finished look. Even on the most bitter of winter mornings, the silky lace comforts and delights.

Winter Sunrise Shawl Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

Mindy’s tip for knitting Winter Sunrise

When you switch between the CashSilk Lace and the Tough Love Sock, it will seem very loose along that edge. Once you do a row or two in the new yarn, give the ends (where you switched yarns) a gentle tug to snug everything up.

Behind the Brilliance: Mindy’s Five Faves

Favourite way to spend Saturday morning: I work at my LYS on the weekends so I’m usually up and getting ready to go to work. If I don’t have to work on Saturday, I’ll sleep in as long as possible while my husband makes breakfast for our kids. I’ll eventually make my way downstairs, drink some tea, and lounge on the couch for as long as I can get away with it. I like lazy mornings.

Favourite knitting tool or fiber: I discovered Cormo wool this past year at Rhinebeck, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s just so wooly and squooshy. I love it.

Favourite guilty pleasure: I’m a sucker for British mystery television shows. I binge watch them all. Oh, and potato chips of any flavor. I don’t buy potato chips at the grocery store because I’ll eat a whole bag at once.

Favourite colour: This is a hard question! I like so many colours, and what I like might change. Right now, I like dusty purples and pinks.

Favourite thing to wear in the fall: I wear a lot of knitted hats in the fall. I also love to wear oversized sweatshirts of my favorite college football teams. At the kids’ bus stop in the morning, I’ll wear a hat, an old sweatshirt, and jeans. I might look ridiculous, but I’m comfortable and warm. :)

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