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Vineyard by Kirsten Singer

Vineyard Cardigan Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,
Vineyard Cardigan Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

I think the stitch pattern will be a fun challenge for a lot of knitters, but it’s actually fairly simple to understand after a few repeats are worked. Then, you’ll have a garment that is a show-stopping display of pure knitting talent!

Vineyard by Kirsten Singer has quickly become one of Felicia’s favorite pieces (she’s been plotting how to woo it back from the designer) and with the gorgeous colour, texture, and shape, it is easy to see why! Sophisticated and elegant, the Vineyard Cardigan, worked in Superwash Worsted, features squishy ribbing and luscious wrapped stitches to delight every style of knitter. The open fronts add an element of grace, while ensuring a warm, comfortable, and completely chic sweater for chilly autumn evenings.

Vineyard Cardigan Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

Kirsten’s tip for knitting Vineyard

When slipping the stitches in the pattern, try to keep the wrapping yarn a little looser than you normally would think to. This will aid with blocking, and keep the fronts from pulling in at the edges.

Behind the Brilliance: Kirsten’s Five Faves

Favourite way to spend Saturday morning: Most of my Saturdays are spent drinking some hot spiced chai and knitting on the beach while watching my boyfriend surf. I can use linen and cotton during the summer, and a cozy wool in the winter and I’m perfectly content to sit for hours!

Favourite knitting tool or fiber: My favorite fiber to use is a new favorite – wool. I used to love using alpaca, but eventually preferred wool for its endless possibilities with stitches and the amazing structure it provides. My favorite tool without a doubt is my collection of Barbara Walker Stitch Dictionaries (I am lucky enough to own all 4!)

Favourite guilty pleasure: I’m sad to say that I watch a lot of Bachelor episodes, but at least I’m knitting while watching!

Favourite colour: In general orange, but to wear, I love a soft grey/blue or cream.

Favourite thing to wear in the fall: Boots. Boots with jeans, with dresses, boots forever!

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Tabetha Hedrick, Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And that joy is ever so easy to find when immersed in the world of fibre! When not knitting, writing, editing, or researching, she fills the time raising two girls, two dogs, and one husband in Tennessee.

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