Five Simple Lace Favourites

Five Simple Lace Favorites. Knitting Patterns.

Spring is slowly, shyly, starting to peek her pretty face around the corner. Hints of green pushing up from beneath the dark earth, tiny buds forming on the trees, and finally, FINALLY, the icy remnants are melting away. And my love for lightweight, delicate, flower-like lace is blooming along with the early daffodils!

My favourite part of working lace is how it transforms in the finishing; turning from a muddled mass of fiber into a stunning array of eyelets. The idea that something that is as simple as a yarnover combined with a decrease could result in a fabric that looks so complex, so… mesmerizing is what makes lacework so deliciously addicting. But, I know it can also be intimidating. Which is why I thought you’d enjoy a selection of five of “Simple” Lace Favourites; patterns that every level of lace knitter will enjoy.

Five Simple Lace Favorites. Knitting Patterns. www.sweetgeorgiayarns.comBuchanan Shawl – $8 CAD This sideways knit shawl is the perfect balance of simplicity and soft texture. With only one skein of our Merino Silk Fine, your stitches practically sing with the delicate, modest lacework.

Five Simple Lace Favorites. Knitting Patterns. www.sweetgeorgiayarns.comHadria – $8 CAD This shawl only looks complex, but with its easy shaping around lacey columns, the results are remarkable! Paired with a crochet bind-off and twisted stitches, this accessory may quickly become a favourite go-to!

Five Simple Lace Favorites. Knitting Patterns. www.sweetgeorgiayarns.comAhead Socks – $8 CAD With just a delightful hint of lace, these socks are aptly described as comfortable, lovely, and ideal for every level of knitter. Soft ribbing and easy cables make the eye-catching chevron eyelets pop.

Five Simple Lace Favorites. Knitting Patterns. www.sweetgeorgiayarns.comThird Beach – $8 CAD A quick little project with two strands of Silk Fog means your lace is utterly luxurious, soft, and enchanting from cast-on to bind-off. With gentle garter ridges and a few well-placed buttons, you’ll have a versatile, cozy spring cowl in no time.

Five Simple Lace Favorites. Knitting Patterns. www.sweetgeorgiayarns.comAhead Cowl – $8 CAD Elegant, modern, and reversible, the lovely lace in this quick-to-knit cowl will mesmerize you from the get-go. Worked up in less than two skeins of Superwash DK, it’s an absolute must-have pattern.

When it comes to working lace, what type of project is your favourite canvas? Cowls or shawls? Or garments? Hats?


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